Luitink Weishan, Post 495 Sussex, WI

Post History

This Post was Chartered on Jan.13, 1947, by 58 WWII veterans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Post was strictly WWII Veterans as noted in their By-Laws. Over the years membership declined due to health issues, death, and diminished interest in meetings. The membership fell to only 17 dues-paying members. Thankfully the Charter was maintained, but the Post became dormant.

In 2014 a request was made to the National Organization to reopen Post 495 and move it to Sussex, WI. That request was approved, and letters were sent to the surviving members of the former post that their dormant post was being revived and relocated to Sussex.With 17 members of the former Post, and with 11 Legionnaires from the Sussex area, a new American Legion Post 495 was created.

Join us in keeping this history alive.